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1886 Victorian Home on lovely Eastern Shore of Virginia seeks new owner.

Beautiful Victorian Home for Sale Eastern Shore Virginia B&BI was built 125 years ago.   Yes, ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE years ago. Trust me, they don’t build them like me any more.

For one thing, the lumber available to build with nowadays is nothing like the lumber that was available 125 years ago.  Some of the lumber I was built with was milled at the sawmill on Stumptown road just a few miles from where I stand.  My original family was involved in the sawmill and one of the stones from the mill is part of the brick walk to my back door, another is in my herb garden.

I have been owned and loved by three families in my long life.  I have been very lucky.  Most houses have new owners on average every 3 to 5 years.  Not me!  The families that I have sheltered have cherished me and they took good care of me.  I have watched children grow up and I have seen more dinner parties then you can imagine!Hunt scene bedroom

Oh my, there was that one dinner party when…oops!  I almost slipped, you know the rule, these walls are not allowed to talk!  At least, not that way…

I am located in the Eastville Historic District, where the first permanent courthouse was constructed in 1690.  Our claim to fame, in this town with a population of 106 people, is that we are home to the oldest continuous court records in the United States.   I am in the part of town the old timers call, ‘Eastville Station’, because I am near the old railroad line and we even had our own post office on this side of town, back in the day.  Anyway it was the old New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad (now the Bay Coast Railroad) and it was completed to Eastville Station in 1884, linking Eastville with the ‘mainland’.

There were other grand homes back in the day.  Just to the east of me was Doc’s old house.  My, it was grand.  It was so long ago, heh, I’ll be honest – I’m not sure I remember who was older but I do remember the grand double-turret.  It’s a shame it is gone now.  Fell into disrepair a decade ago as the heirs argued about who should fix the roof.  Now it is gone.  I have been lucky that my owners have always cared for me.  And in return, I took good care of them.

I am surrounded by English boxwood gardens that are over one hundred years old and an Historic gardensamazing walnut tree that was planted the year I was built.  I’ve watched that tree grow its whole life, just like the boxwoods and the beautiful camellia’s, gardenia’s, crape myrtle trees, and so many of the other trees and hedges that surround me.  I am happy my friend the bay tree still stands towering out back.  The smell of bay leaves in the breeze, mmm.

Well, it is late and I must get my beauty rest.  Until next time, if you know a great owner that is looking for a beautiful Victorian home for sale – please be sure to tell them about me!  Here is a link where you can find more information:

I have 5 spacious bedrooms, 3 full baths (one even has a double whirlpool tub), 2 half baths, a den or family room; my living area offers a double parlor with beautiful etched glass doors; the downstairs bedroom is often used as a library or home office instead of aLighthouse bedroom bedroom.  Over three beautiful acres, space for your horse too.  Danny, the horse, lives here now.  He is funny sometimes too! All of this for only $349,000.00, an amazing value – if I do say so myself!

Oh, there is so much to tell, but it will have to wait for another day.  I’m 125 years old you know, I need my rest!

Etched glass door


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