Beautiful Victorian Home For Sale on Eastern Shore of Virginia

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Traffic Jam - Escape the CityWell, that might depend on where you are today.  Are you stuck in the City? Still wishing you had the nerve to take advantage of the terrific prices in the current real estate market?

You have a unique opportunity to own a historic home that is over 125 years-old and has only had THREE owners in that long-span of time.  Are you wondering why there have been so few owners over such a long period of time? Because once you live here, you won’t want to leave!

If  you were here  . . .you would be enjoying an unbelievably beautiful Spring Day.  You would be rambling around your spacious 125-year-oldVictorian for Sale with Pink Dogwood and Weeping Cherry Victorian home.

You would be relaxing in a pair of your favorite jeans and knocking around the hundred-plus-year-old English boxwood gardens picking flowers on a lazy Saturday morning.  Then you’d be enjoying a great cup of fresh brewed coffee while you take your time and assemble lovely arrangements to scatter around the house.

Washington Monument a few hours away.Yesterday, upon returning from a brief Washington, D.C. business trip, (and thankful that it takes only a few hours drive, and only two turns, to get from downtown Washington, D.C. to my doorstep); my owner was astounded at the number of blooms bursting everywhere on my lovely grounds.  (What, you are not used to a house talking to you?  This is MY blog, remember?)

It took less than five minutes to gather and assemble this outrageously beautifulFlowers from gardens at beautiful Victorian for Sale in Virginia. arrangement!

If you want to escape the city, this IS the place to accomplish your dream.  If you enjoy the beauty of nature, bird watching, gardening, growing and arranging flowers – you will be in heaven on my grounds.  All of this for less than the price of a condo in the city!

Priced to entice at $348,843.00, it’s time to take your dreams seriously.  What are you waiting for?

Life is what happens while you are making plans.

Lovely Victorian farmette for sale on Eastern Shore of Virginia. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 half baths; 3.5 +/- acres numerous outbuildings.  Come for a weekend and stay for a lifetime.  Escape the city and enjoy your life!

Pink Dogwood at Beautiful Victorian home for sale in Virginia.

Pink Dogwood tree in backyard.

Towering Bay Tree with Beautiful White flowering tree at Victorian for sale.

Towering Bay Tree next to Beautiful White blooming tree in back yard.

Pink Camellia's blooming at Lovely Victorian for Sale in Virginia

Pink Camellia's in the side yard.

Beautiful flowers at Victorian home for sale in Virginia

White Lilacs blooming in foreground of 100+ year-old Crepe Mrytle

White camellia's blooming at beautiful Victorian for sale in Virginia.

White Camellia's blooming on shady side of house.

No, seriously . . . What are you waiting for?!

Beautiful flowers at Victorian for Sale in Virginia.

Unlimited flowers at your finger tips!


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