Beautiful Victorian Home For Sale on Eastern Shore of Virginia

Bloom where God Plants You!

Camellia blooming at beautiful victorian for sale on Eastern Shore of VirginiaWhile some folks are already struggling with winter weather, we have been blessed with beautiful mild weather here on the lovely Eastern Shore of Virginia.

I’ve been right here for almost 125 years now and while Eastville has seen some harsh winters, it is usually mild here compared to other areas.  Most years we have at least one day in January that hits 70 degrees.  We’ve had some warm days this month and some seasonable cold days too.

Well, this past weekend was just lovely.  My owner was enjoying her morning coffee on my sunny southeastern porch while she admired the beauty of the winter-blooming Camellias.  She wished more folks would have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful blooms could.  So she scrambled up a ladder to gather the pretty pink blooms from one Camellia bush and then the lovely white blooms from another.  She gathered branches of English Boxwood and clippings from the Acuba and then she called the nursing home in Nassawadox.  She asked the nurse to gather as many vases as she could find.  “I know we have three or four.  I’ll look for more,” said the nurse.

My owner arrived to find the counter covered with at least 20 vases.  Luckily she had plenty of lovely blooms to fill them all.  The residents that received them smiled with delight at the unexpected and beautiful winter blooms!

What are you waiting for?  It’s time you enjoy the unexpected delights of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, we’ll leave the light on for you!


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